TN: 2014 Ramey Hyde Vineyard Chardonnay

Purchased recently off the shelf at Spec’s.

In the glass green-tinged light gold.

On the nose a whiff of matchstick reduction, but mostly lemon curd, light pineapple, yogurt/cream, tasteful oak, white mushrooms, and a stony character.

On the palate, round and full bodied, some alcohol heat, medium acidity. Mid-long finish. Nose carries through to the flavors on the palate, plus some developing mushroom and caramelly/maillard flavors.

Solid California chard in a good spot. Nowhere near tired so for those who like them older fear not. Right now there is a good balance between incoming/available developed flavors and retained freshness. My only gripe is that the 14.5% alc is not well hidden here.


Nice. I had the 2013 a while back, lots of verve to that.

Did you decant. Years ago, when a guest on the old EBob board, David Ramey suggested to me that the best way to maximize the enjoyment of his whites was to decant them for an hour or so. He suggested that we all made a mistake by being too much in a hurry and not decanting our chardonnay.


I didn’t technically decant, but had a small glass, shook the bottle a couple times to aerate, and put it back in the fridge. Then came back 45 min later or so.

Honestly didn’t notice a huge difference between that and pop and pour, perhaps due to some age on the bottle. The remainder of the bottle consumed the next day might have softened/rounded off a little but I’m not confident that is anything more than expectation influencing perception.

I figured that out a few years ago and have found his Chardonnays are always better with a 1 hour decant. Ramey Hyde is one of my favorite domestic chardonnays and honestly, I do not love a lot of them.

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Don’t have any 2014 Hyde left or I would go check on one. It was too crazy good on release.

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