TN: 2014 Raffault Chinon Les Picasses

Infantcide. I had no idea these wines were so backward in their youth. I love the purity and tension of the fruit, you know good things lie ahead. Really tight and impressive core of fruit without any weight. 12.5% alcohol and all components seem in balance; I can’t wait to see what this is like at maturity. In the meantime, I should let this air and see if it gives a glimpse.

Follow up comment: After a couple hours of air, this wine softened and expanded a good deal and was more approachable, although it never really got to the point of being
enjoyable. Pleasure for this one is remains on the horizon.

Thanks for the note, Greg - sorry you had to take one for the team, but it does sound promising!

This is an excellent vintage of Raffault.

I have a 6 pack of the 2014. Holding it.

Anyone have thoughts on the 2015? its available now.

I remember on another thread saying I was too old to buy this and someone told me that, like the 07, it was drinking well younger. I’m happy to have been warned off. If I need more, I’ll just have to hope to back buy. If you aren’t buying library releases, these are wines for youngsters to buy to invest in their future. Think of them as your retirement fund.

Assuming this is Olga Raffault, and not JM Raffault?

I do believe that was me. The 2014 was indeed very approachable when released, about two years ago, as I believe other folks who tried it then would attest. Perhaps it has shutdown since; I haven’t re-sampled.

I did, however, recently open a 2015, on the premise that being from a relatively soft, fruit forward vintage, it might have something to offer while young. That turned out to be very, very wrong.

JM is no substitute for Olga.


I’ve had the '14 a couple of times this year and found it enjoyable provided it had some air time. It’s very young, though, and I’m not averse to young, cool climate cab franc. I thought everything was in alignment to develop into a superb wine with 5-10 more years.

There’s a purity to the 2014 that’s irresistible.

I noticed that Sec wines wrote about the '08 Olga Raffault Les Picasses in the most recent newsletter that had me salivating. I’ll pop an '05 soon. Last night I popped a half bottle of the '14 Joguet Chinon Cuvee Terroir and it was perfectly mature expression of Chinon that drank well above the price. Summer of Chinon??

I agree, but the note didn’t specify.