TN: 2014 Passopisciaro Etna Passorosso (Italy, Sicily, Etna DOC)

I wanted to like this more, but I find that I am liking Passopisciaro whites more than the reds. fwiw.

  • 2014 Passopisciaro Etna Passorosso - Italy, Sicily, Etna DOC (10/11/2019)
    This wine shows its 15% alcohol more than I would ideally like as there is a lot of excellent material here, it’s just too big for me. That’s a personal preference thing. The wine shows a lighter color and body, nice salinity, and rocky red fruit flavors. A good food wine, really nice with the hunk of parmesan we had, but I kept coming back to the weight and the heat I perceived on the back end of the wine of the wine.

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I like the Passopisciaro wines. The biancos are good but I think are all Chardonnay which seems like a lost opportunity (Carricante).


Is the heat a product of the vintage or is it now the house style? I drank some 06-08 passopisciaros back in the day and they didn’t come across as modern or overly ripe.

This is true, and has always been a bit peculiar to me.

Pat- I don’t want to convey it as overly modern or too ripe. I was trying to convey that it had a lot of things i I like in place- but there was an palpable heat that I perceived as from higher alc than I typically drink. People on CT like this a bit more than I, so it could be a preference thing. And I would drink this again, I did not totally dislike it. fwiw

I could see labeling them as trending modern in the sense that they are clean and polished compared to some of the funkier producers. They also tend to be big with substantial alcohol but usually carry it well.