TN: 2014 François Chidaine Montlouis-sur-Loire Clos Habert

2014 François Chidaine Montlouis-sur-Loire Clos Habert - France, Loire Valley, Touraine, Montlouis-sur-Loire (8/4/2016)
Bit of color on this wine, but nothing premoxed about it. It’s a richer, lusher version, though lacks the fireworks of the 2008 model. Nice, lush round fruit, decent balancing acidity, not a lot of complexity or minerality, but enjoyable. A little hard to tell this is Chenin and not Riesling. I do prefer this to the Bouchet this year. (88 pts.)

Thanks Alan. I haven’t dipped into my '14 Chidaines but perhaps the Argiles is worth a spin.

With you on this one, Alan. My note is below, and it aligns with yours. Choisilles and Breuil have become my go to cuvees, less so now Habert and Bouchet.

  • 2014 François Chidaine Montlouis-sur-Loire Clos Habert - France, Loire Valley, Touraine, Montlouis-sur-Loire (5/29/2016)
    No TNs thus far. Huh. Guess I am first. Drank side by side with the 2014 Choisilles, which I preferred. The Clos Habert is a bit heavier for me. It also shows or what I perceive to be more RS or sweetness. Richer tones of apricot, stone fruit, mango. Yet, there is acidity here that is folded in, which is why I dig Chidaine, but if I am choosing which wine I like better, it is the better total energy of the Choisilles. FWIW, around the table, there were preferences for the Clos Habert so it depends on palate preference.

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Frank, I saw your note on CT after writing mine (I never look before writing, it’s always fun to be surprised, even by my own notes I forgot I posted previously). Looked for yours here to tack on to, but no luck, Thanks for chiming in!

This was one of those easy drinkers that would probably be good with something a little spicy, maybe BBQ, anything with a little kick to balance the lushness of the wine. I’m with you on preferring the drier wines, though I picked up a couple each of the wines on the sweet end of the spectrum.

I had a bottle of the 2014 Les Bournais last weekend and thought it was drinking very well. [cheers.gif]

I’ve been holding off on opening the 14’s but it sounds like there is no harm in opening one. I am generally a fan of Les Bournais and bought more of that bottling than any other in 14. Which one tends to be the longest lived? I’d like to hold on to a few 10’s to see what happens. I only have one 08 left - a Les Tuffeaux.

I’ll refresh Alan’s TN here, as well as Jeff’s POV. To add mine from the bottle today, I didn’t even care to finish today’s bottle. My TN can speak for my impressions and while I too am just getting over a cold, I am not blind to the color, the lack of energy in this wine. So, take my TN how you wish but here it is:

  • 2014 François Chidaine Montlouis-sur-Loire Clos Habert - France, Loire Valley, Touraine, Montlouis-sur-Loire (3/25/2018)
    In candor, I am glad this is my last bottle. The color on this is quite golden, and for contrast, it sat in the glass next to some champagne and the color offset was pretty striking to me. It has a nutty quality, with mango and pineapple, lacks energy and really was a bit boring to me. I know this is off-dry Habert and all, but the energy is lacking. Whether we call this advanced, an off year, whatever the terminology, I would not be holding onto these much longer.

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I was disappointed in this one too, Frank. Here is my note from a little more than a month ago.

  • 2014 François Chidaine Montlouis-sur-Loire Clos Habert - France, Loire Valley, Touraine, Montlouis-sur-Loire (2/11/2018)
    I think this bottle was slightly advanced. There was a slight nutty, oxidative note to it. Behind that, slightly tropical fruit, a little saline and those Chenin flavors I have a hard time describing. Lacked the freshness and tension I usually find. Usually Chidaine wines get emptied pretty quickly at our house, but this one lingered.

Thanks for the data point, Frank. Whatever is going on with these '14s, it’s not good.

I thought ‘14 was supposedly a very good vintage for Loire whites. [scratch.gif] Are other producers like Huet showing these issues?

For what it’s worth, I had a '14 Choisille on Friday night that was absolutely electric. But have also had recent similar experiences with the '14 Clos Habert as the OP. '14 seems like a bit of head scratcher so far, at least with Chidaine.

Opened another one of these tonight, so I’ll add to this thread. Pretty similar to my original note, there’s a little golden color, but frankly I didn’t find anything particularly advanced. Just not very electric or exciting, though I think I’m enjoying this bottle a bit more than the first for some reason. I don’t see any reason to drink these up tomorrow, but I’ll probably drink down my 14s and hold the 10s.

I wish I had more 10’s. I am down to just a handful. I put my last bottle of the 14 Clos Habert in the refrigerator to drink sometime in the next month or two. I’ve liked the other 14’s from Chidaine, though I have yet to open a Clos Baudoin.

Scott, I drank a 14 Choisilles this week that was fine. I didn’t regard it as well as the best years for Choisilles, I didn’t find it electric as you did, but it was far better than the clunker that was the Habert from a week ago. I still want to tee up the 14 Baudoin and Breuil, which I may do this weekend, if at least one of them.

Finishing this on the second night, gotta say it is quite a bit improved. More minerality, bit more seeming acidity and umami. Not at the level of 10 or 08, but it’s a solid showing now.

I like Choisilles young because of the cut.

Clos Habert needs time to shed fat. Considering how good last week’s 2000 was, a fatter and gawkier vintage young than 2014, I’m going to impoae the 15-year rule before ruling 2014 out. Patience is key! And I trust Francois.