TN: 2014 Failla Chardonnay Keefer Ranch

  • 2014 Failla Chardonnay Keefer Ranch - USA, California, Sonoma County, Russian River Valley (3/7/2022)
    Pulled as a Monday wine to have with some Maroccan chickening made in my new tagine, but only after I opened it did I see it was a 2014 - and probably a bit too fancy for the occasion. After a quick 30min in freezer (told you it was last minute) it poured like canola oil - thick and viscous. Deeply yellow, like a dehydrated desert-wanderer’s you-know-what. On the nose - tropics. On the palate - tropics. Not normally my jam, but somehow here it works. Some oak, but not in your face, low on phenolics, but with that white/orange fruit feel. Beeswax with honey. Maybe some orange peel. As it warms up, it fills out and expands. It’s a full wine, no doubt, but the lack of heavy oak and phenolic assault makes it somehow not ponderous and heavy. Very nice, but probably best paired with “fuller” white wine dishes. (92 pts.)

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Thanks for this TN, Adam—really great description which helps me understand what I might get from the wine.



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