TN: 2014 Domaine Billaud-Simon Chablis 1er Cru Montée de Tonnerre

  • 2014 Domaine Billaud-Simon Chablis 1er Cru Montée de Tonnerre - France, Burgundy, Chablis, Chablis 1er Cru (10/10/2016)
    Very high toned crystalline pureness…pear, yellow/green apple, white peach, casaba melon…really intense citrus energy here…lemon, lime, grapefruit…the minerals are more chiseled than with funk…crushed rocks, limestone dust…has that blanched nut thing ala Louis Michel…white pepper spice, orange blossom florals, rain water…killer burst of energy here…like the BIG exploding white lighted fireworks in the sky…boom boom baby!!! (94 pts.)

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Excellent, I have some this ready to be shipped from VR, cannot wait to give it a spin. Loved the ten version too. Great Note Buzz!

This producer consistently makes great Chablis.

His Montee de Tonnerre is fantastic and a steal at that price range.

Thanks for the notes for the 14. I am still going through my 12s


been touting this wine for months. The real deal. Back the truck up. Tasted 4 times, consistent notes.

Not available in Norway, but I notice the Mont de Milieu is about to be released. I’ll see if I can grab a few bottles of that (despite the Milieu in my experience not being quite as fine a vineyard as the Tonnerre).

My first experience with producer was a grand slam…a mag of 2002 Les Preuses opened by friends of Bernard Billaud who were staying with us in Italy last year…blown away! Huge step up from even still fantastic 14 MdT!

Thanks Buzz and Alan! I just purchased some of this.

Loved the 2012.
In for 4 bottles of the 2014.
Thanks for the reminder Buzz!

Thanks. I opened the 2010 recently and it was equally delicious!

There may not be a better value for QPR for my palate. This wine is particularly on point in 2014. Looks like 2014 will be the vintage to look for given Meadows’ recent review of the 2015 vintage, in which he found a lot of wines uneven and ripe.


Thanks for the note. I have a dozen half bottles coming. Just added two 750mls from VR.

I got to a bottle of this last night. Clean, fresh and pure green/white/citrus fruit aromas and flavors. It evokes thoughts of a rocky mountain stream or a cool rain. Lovely wine.

I use rainwater as a Chablis descriptor, too This is a lovely bottle, indeed, Martin.

I am awaiting my 14 BS MdT but did crack a 14 Fevre Fourchaume tonight. Wow.
And yes rainwater is an interesting descriptor, last wine that I tasted that had it in spades was 02 BS Clos.
I am starting to think that '14 Chablis represents the best vintage since '02 for my palate.

Popped one of these yesterday, and it’s as advertised. Checks all the boxes–intense minerality, concentrated fruit, ample structure, hyper fresh. A hint of the opulence that usually sets Raveneau and Dauvissat apart. Maybe my QPR of the year.

Interestingly, I found this takes a while to unwind. Yesterday evening it was much better after a couple of hours of air. Then I left a quarter bottle uncorked in the fridge overnight–and the glass right now, with 30 hours of air, is by far the best yet. Bolder, more open, more intensely mineral. Winner winner.

My 14 BS Montee arrived last week and I cracked a bottle. As Ryan said checks all the boxes, with more opulence than I expected. For a thrill ride at a lot less check out the humble Chablis. Perhaps a better drink now than the MdT.

Bought 3 of these yesterday before I noticed this thread. Now I have two. Wow. This has the “light on it’s feet” yet very powerful and even rich at the same time character that I find in many of the best Chablis, and in many of the best years. These days, it can sometimes be difficult to even tell whether you are actually drinking a Chablis when sampling one. Not a problem here. Have asked for more from my pusher-man.

data point: cracked a '13 Billaud-Simon MdT last night. Very opulent and exotic, with apricot overtones. A touch of botty methinks. Buy the '14s.