TN: 2014 Dirty, Rowdy & Enfield Red Wine Antle Vineyard

  • 2014 Dirty, Rowdy & Enfield Red Wine Antle Vineyard - USA, California, Central Coast, Chalone (11/16/2015)
    Dark floral nose, medium color, barely any tannin, a little fruit, medium acidity. A weird bitterness shows up on the side of the tongue if you swish it around, but if you’re just drinking it, to, you know, drink a wine with dinner, you’re not going to notice that. Doesn’t seem to have much tannic structure…but who knows. (88 pts.)

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Definitely an interesting wine, and I enjoyed it. At the moment the bitterness on the finish is a bit more than I would like, maybe the stems(?), but perhaps that will integrate better over time.

Thx for taking one, appreciate the note.

I already have these in storage, not even thinking of cracking one for at least a year or two.

Hardy has talked about these being tight. I would expect that the wine still needs some time to knit together. I am probably not going to open one until some time next spring.

I’m thinking the same. Based on the notes that Hardy provided, my two bottles ae sleeping for at least a year or 2 before I think about opening.

How long did you let it open up before drinking?

Did you decant it?

I definitely did not heed the decanting and/or storage (obviously) instructions. Basically a straight up Pobega’ing.
Will see how the second half of the bottle fares tonight.

My non wino GF did not like this at all when it was just opened. 3 hours later she loved it.

I have liked the 2013 much closer to pop n pour than their 2014 counterparts–true believer that 60-90 minutes makes a world of difference with these.

^ are you referring to 2013 vintage D&R, Enfield or this specific cuvee? Because this collaboration was just done in 2014.


Every 2013 that I have had–the vintage. I have had both 2013 and 2014 of Semillon, Familiar, Especial this far. But, have also had 2013s of a few other D&Rs, none which I recall not finding pleasant right out of the bottle. Every 2014 I have had has done much better with about a 60 minute decant. As Hardy says about his 2014s, the decanter is your friend!

I will confirm this definitely had picked up some fruit and balance on the second night.

Very cool. Thanks for the clarification! Nice to know especially regarding the Especial which I have generally regarded as a PnP. Next time I open a 2014 I’ll decant!

I opened one up two nights ago. Heed Hardy’s aging note…this needs some time in the bottle for sure. It’s got a great nose on it right now but it doesn’t translate well to the palate. With a few years of age I’m hoping the pinot noir will put on some more weight to act as a counterpoint to the mourvedre.

Thanks for the note and trying the wine- Yes. This wine should be tucked away for at least a year. A long (3hr) decant helps for sure. Though lean, John and I picked what we thought were the most structured barrels from our lots. The perfumey nose is deceiving.

As Ron mentioned, all of the '14s should get a lot of air. The '14 wines (except the Familiar and Especial wines) can all be tucked away for years. (I’d open the Dirty Rowdy Enfield last.)

Evangelho vs Stoner Creek - which would you recommend tucking away for a while if I am going to drink one sooner?

Super tough call. Evangelho is more showy right now and the Stoney is more cerebral. I’ve been telling most people to pop the stoney 1st just due to quantity / allocation size, but if you only have one of each and want to drink one now- I’d probably pop the Evangelho. We poured it at our fried chicken event last weekend and people dug it.

So a DRE on Thanksgiving with a four-hour decant – will that be worth it?? or do i really need to wait until next year (or the year after…) ?

Wait. Don’t open a bottle that won’t show well. This is next year’s wine. Too good to waste!

Thanks, Noah! I was afraid of that answer! I’ll rethink my turkey day strategy!

Hola Alicia- You have several :slight_smile: and if you want to get into one, go for it. Just give it a long decant. I’m popping one now (9AM EST) to pour for a group of somms at noon. I can’t remember, did you try it when you visited John & I?

I just don’t know if it would be our best Turkey wine- The Familiar Blanc, White Oak Flats, Familiar Mourvèdre, Especial, and Evangelho- would be better turkey choices. Antle (Mourvèdre and DRE) is more dark fruited (purple / black) vs the red fruit of several of the others.