TN: 2014 Castelli Vineyards Nebbiolo Fosco

  • 2014 Castelli Vineyards Nebbiolo Fosco - USA, California, Sonoma County, Green Valley of Russian River Valley (3/1/2020)
    Wow, this is by far the best nebbiolo I have had outside of Italy. Lovely nose of violets and rose hips, with those rustic notes I associate with good Italian wine. Some very nice acidity paired with some pretty grippy tannins – yet there is lovely fruit that sits in the middle and is not hidden. So this is not a “gee I wonder what is behind that tannin or acidity” sort of wine – but it clearly has both so can age for a while. I am really impressed with this – and frankly it is an absurd qpr at $17 during BDXI. We are probably opening the Estate later today, though I hesitate to as I fear it will make me like this one less if it is much better! (91 pts.)

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My first bottle was a bit Brett infested, but I could tell there was a lot to like underneath - it did seem insanely well done for the price. I need to try another one soon to see if my others are better. (I worry a bit because my next door neighbor has taken in the UPS delivery and perhaps stored it by the heating vent for a couple days - the bottles were a bit warm when I picked them up).

Ron… is that your pic or cellartracker’s? The bottle says 2013.

That pic is from cellar tracker. So the one I had was the 2014. It is a really lovely wine. I hope your others are good! Yet another great discovery for me from BD!

Great that you discovered the glories of Emilio’s Nebbs, Ron. At our NEB gatherings, his is consistently one of the best. The Estate (older vines) is a (not-huge) step
above the Fosco. You’ll like it, too.