TN: 2014 Cappellano Dolcetto d'Alba (Italy, Piedmont, Alba, Dolcetto d'Alba)

2014 Cappellano Dolcetto d’Alba - Italy, Piedmont, Alba, Dolcetto d’Alba (8/26/2017)
My third and last bottle, and consistent with the prior two. It has the tart cherry and grippy finishing tannins, as well as some pleasing spice. I can’t wait to find more Cappellano.

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Love everything they do. Did you quench some of those tannins with a pizza :slight_smile:


I did!

2014 is considered a difficult vintage in Piemonte, no? I’ve not had many 2014 Dolcetti, but my general impression is that 2013 and 2015 are clearly superior. Thoughts?

Yes, in Barolo itself, there were several hail storms in 2014 and rains at the end of the summer, not long before the dolcetto and barbera harvest times.

Nebbiolo is harvested later, so was less affected, and Barbaresco didn’t experience the hail. And even in the Barolo zone proper, there are a lot of good dolcettos and barberas from '14. It’s not at all a write-off as a year. The '13s and '15s tend to be riper, though, and generally better for dolcetto and barbera.

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As a footnote, the '15 Cavallotto -Dolcetto d’Alba - Vigna Scot is kick ass!