TN: 2013 Revelry Cabernet, Aerials - Red Mountain WA

So I dont drink a ton of WA cabernet, but this was damn good! Killer nose of beautiful spring flowers, with a palate full of sweet cassis, pipe tobacco, and blue/black fruits. Incredibly well balanced and made in a fairly restrained style with a medium+ bodied frame, luscious acidity, and yet still plenty of flavor. A slam dunk in the cab world at $60. Super impressive stuff.

Never heard of them. Thanks. I will look them up. How did you learn about them?

I hadn’t either but saw the bottle at a local retailer and decided to give it a shot. Really glad I did. Seriously good cab for $60! No idea how much of the wine they produce but definitely worth seeking out.

Fyi, they also make a base-level cab as well that the same retailer had but I didn’t try that one

Awesome. Like Eric, I’ve never heard of them. I’ll definitely be on the lookout. Thanks for posting.

Thanks for the heads up. Found at Total today for $52 after six pack discount

Nice man! I think you’ll dig it, but looking forward to hearing your thoughts after you try it.

Taking to dinner tonight

Awesome. It was probably best on day 2 so maybe give it a little air if you can.

Has a game time change to a 2009 Rivers Marie Corona Vineyard Cab.

Will open the Revelry next weekend.

Not a bad audible to call. Bet that 09 Corona was awesome!

Did not suck. Crushed the 2005 Pape Clement opened along side

The Revelry is the real deal in my opinion. Nothing formal in the way of a note, just a great Cab at a very attractive price. I can see this doing really well in a blind tasting with some CA players in 5 years when the wine rounds out.

Had with marinated bavette, duck fat fries and ras al hanout roasted cauliflower.

Nice man, glad you liked it! And I totally agree - pretty tough to beat for a cab at that price.

Rich - I’m looking at Revelry Vintners’ site and see a 2014 Red Mountain Cab, but it doesn’t mention anything about, “Aerials.” The label looks just like the one in your picture. Is this the same wine (obviously a different vintage)?

No. There were two distinct wines at Total Wines. This one and another Cab that was $20 more a bottle.

I’m actually not sure as this was my first experience with the wine, but looking at the site, once you click on the Aerials Series from the menu it does seem like the wine I had is labeled as the Red Mountain Cab (it only referenced Aerials on the back of the label)

Based on CT and the website, I believe they also produce a Columbia Valley line, which has a different label and seems to be more of the baseline wine. And then as Tex mentioned, another higher-priced bottle that is clone-specific.

Thanks, Guys.

I just bought three bottles of their entry level wines:

2014 Cabernet Sauvignon Columbia Valley
2015 Merlot Columbia Valley
2015 The Reveler Red Wine Columbia Valley Cuvée

All in th $17 range at a local grocery mega store.

Will report back.

Nice! Really curious to hear how the base-line stuff is!

Just drank another bottle of this over 2 days, and it’s just a really, really solid cab at a great price. Not overdone but still plenty of clean cab goodness. Much better on day 2. I’ll be grabbing a few more to age/drink over the next 5 to 8 years.