TN: 2013 Pierre Guillemot Savigny-les-Beaune Les Grands Picotins

I don’t typically buy and sell this villages cuvee from Guillemot as it is only about $10 less than their 1er crus. I may, however, have to re-think that approach based upon this sample. As with all Guillemot wines, regardless of the vintage, the color is pale red, and the aromas follow suit as they are red-fruited through and through, and cool and fresh. The wine started out lean (not skinny) and firm, but within a short period of time it began to flesh out and pale red fruits emerged on the palate, along with some forest and soil aspects and the refreshing hint of orange rind I find in many Guillemot wines. As usual with Guillemot, there is nothing whatever polished about the wine (some might find it somewhat rustic), but it is a pretty/elegant wine. Based upon this sample, Guillemot’s 2013 1er crus should be lovely.

Disclaimer: I sell Guillemot.