TN: 2013 One Woman Grüner Veltliner (USA, New York, Long Island, North Fork)

  • 2013 One Woman Grüner Veltliner - USA, New York, Long Island, North Fork (7/3/2016)
    I bought this wine by mistake at a locavore food shop in Grand Central Terminal. A mistake because I needed a Sauvignon Blanc to finish a flight and I had a brain freeze when my hand reached for this bottle. When I got home, I threw in in the cellar and decided that some day I would find an excuse to open it. My wife and son decided they wanted take out Indian food today and they wanted to drink Ommegang Abbey Ale, so this was the day to unscrew the cap and try this.

Very good wine. On the high end of very good. And outstanding match for the Indian food (chicken, shrimp and paneer dishes with moderate to light heat only). The wine is completely dry but has fruit to soften it and acidity to cut through the food without being sharp. There is citrus and white fruit. It is extremely well made and balanced and very easy to drink. The only thing I did not notice was the white pepper I usually get as a “tell” when drinking Gruner blind. A half of the bottle disappeared before I knew it was gone. The only thing I wonder about is the ABV. The bottle says 13%, but I definitely noticed it. I would have guessed 14.5%, but I know you can’t get that level of ripeness on the North Fork. Besides, does an extra 1.5% really make a difference? That’s for a different discussion.

According to the website, the “One Woman” is Claudia Purita, who grew up in Calabria. The winery is way up the North Fork, 15 miles past Paumanok and just east of Chablis Path, Chardonnay Road and Burgundy Court. From the satellite view, the vineyards look to be right up against the Sound where the land is pretty narrow and must get beaten up in a storm. Tough place to grow grapes, but that’s perhaps what makes this wine so good. I will buy it again.

PS - love the screw cap. Drink half, capping it after each pour, then throw it in the refrigerator to finish off the next day. (89 pts.)

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My brother has visited the vineyard a few times - and loved the whites. including the Gewurz.
i have yet to make it there - but on the list to try.

I finished the bottle the next night with steamed lobster. Again a good pairing. The wine held up well. It’s a bit Riesling-like but more subdued and well-integrated with more of an overall taste impression than specific distinct parts. This is my kind of paella - all the parts cooked together - as opposed to the alternative technique of cooking the parts separately and mixing them at the last minute. Not a great analogy because it’s not a blend, but you get my drift. There’s a bit more spice the second night, but still no white pepper. zero residual sugar.

Come on you Brooklyn Locavores! If you want to try this wine, get a bottle at TasteNY in. Grand Central Terminal on the west side, main concourse, towards track 35 or so. No affiliation blah blah. I couldn’t even call the winemaker by her first name. Never met her.

I tasted this at the winery last year and liked it, too. Nice wine.

The merlot wasn’t bad, but the bottle I brought home wasn’t as interesting to me as the one at the winery. But we all know that story.

I do not like Long Island merlot. I have never had a merlot only wine from Long Island that I like. I would not be surprised if they make it for people who say “I only like red wine” at the tasting room.

dont agree - i like Kareems Merlot (the Grand VIntage) more than the other varietals (cab, cab fr) and often more than the blend.

I’m generally with you on all Long Island reds, though I don’t have a deep exposure to them. This was a pleasant surprise.