TN: 2013 Ladd Cellars Chardonnay (USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast)

Guy’s first chard? Bravo.

  • 2013 Ladd Cellars Chardonnay - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (5/10/2015)
    Sea Smoke Southing Vertical (Traci’s House): Light yellow color, like a Sauvignon blanc actually. Citrus aromas and a Viognier like perfume note. Interestingly the wine has a medium plus weight but great acid balancing it out. While there’s a touch of yellow Apple the lemon note drives the palate with a mint and concentrated lime. The finish is very long. For me, this wine screams for oysters, mussels, or some seafood dripping in butter where the acid can do its magic. (93 pts.)

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Eric, if you have a few of these for next Falltacular, I would love to see them in the event. Brig and I drink a lot these days so if he’s ringing on this one like he is above, would dig seeing this open next February.

Thanks for the note, Brigger.

I really enjoyed this wine as well.

  • 2013 Ladd Cellars Chardonnay - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (4/10/2015)
    Light greenish gold in color. The nose gives pear, lemon, and attractive floral notes. On the palate, white and yellow stone fruits, flowers, spices, and a light minty note all start to become expressive with air. This strikes me as a cross between the tropical and buttery styles. There’s a very attractive texture, with soft, radiant fruit and a light saline note that makes for a nice finish. I bet this could age a bit. Enjoyable. (92 pts.)

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Scott, I like your note better. :slight_smile:

I recall this at Falltacular this past February, and I moreover I remember trying it standing next to Eric and complementing him. I’m not always sure about that Brig guy, since he stores his wine next to his vacuum, but he’s right this time.

Brig – thanks. I used the word “note” three times. I am better at drinking wine than writing about it. [cheers.gif]

Drift - I have those Sea Smoke wines and have been sitting on them as it seems you were as well. Do you think more time helps any of them along a bit?

Funny, I popped one tonight as well. First whiff was all seashore that put a smile on my face. First taste was pure acid, second was pure butter…then it settled in. Haven’t had time for a tasting note but it was right up my alley much like Erics pinots.
Just returning from 2 weeks in the Mediterranean and had to make shish kebobs tonight and this chard paired beautifully. Really like Erics style in his winemaking.

Hey…thanks for the great comments everyone! Thrilled that it’s showing well for y’all :slight_smile:

I opened a bottle tonight as well…for my Sister and Aunt (celebrating Mothers day, and my Sister’s election to the National Academy of Sciences! Woo Hoo Sis). It paired really well with roast chicken, and the goat cheese (Andante) we had while making dinner.

The fruit is from 40 year old West Sonoma Coast vines. I love balanced chards with good acidity…both west coast and white burgs/chablis (when they aren’t premoxing). So I’m lucky to be able to work with old/interesting vines.

Holding a few bottles of this for the next Falltacular sounds like a plan Frank, thanks for the suggestion. My 14 Chard is still struggling through ML…it’s moving pretty consistently but not very quickly, due to its low pH (and lowish temps). I’m pretty confident it’ll finish on its own, which is nice since the acidity would be too high with malic on top of everything else. Anyways, the 14 might or might not be ready by the next Falltacular…even if it is, tasting the progress the 13 has made would be fun.

There a sea smoke thread over here, I’ll post a response there.

As for using “note” a lot. We all have those words we get stuck on I’ll write the note up first to keep the flow going and then head back and edit it changing, in our example “note”, to other words like aroma, flavor, scent, hint, shows, etc. I also try to describe the reaction I have to the “note” so instead of “notes of citrus and lemon” I’ll expand to something like this “reminds me of lemon warheads from my childhood”. [cheers.gif]