TN: 2013 Jean-Jacques Confuron Chambolle Musigny

This is a very nice drink right now. Crunchy, tart pure red fruits with very nice acidity and balance. Still primary without very much complexity but tasty and smooth. Not sure it will get much better but it’s wonderful now.

Day 2:

This was more generous and open for business on day 2. Fruit was still beautiful and pure and the tart acidity was nice. Very balanced and easy to drink, disappeared very fast.

Didn´t I say (write) recently that JJ Confuron is underestimated … (Boudots)? [cheers.gif]

The Chambolle-M. is usually a very nice Village wine … an earlier drinker, but the Ch-M 1er Cru (from Feusselottes (1/3) and Chatelots (2/3) is really serious …
I had a 1992 recently that was still singing … not as great as the RSV, but all one could wish … and the Boudots (1992) is also outstanding.

neener Thanks for the note. '13 village wines are really nice right now. i agree.

Cool, according to CT I have one more bottle left, they were $36.99 at K&L so pretty great deal.

In case I haven’t said it enough, 13’ Chambolle is legit…