TN: 2013 Jean Foillard - Morgon "Côte du Py" (France, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Morgon)

2013 Jean Foillard Morgon Côte du Py - France, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Morgon (9/2/2015)
– popped and poured –
– tasted non-blind over 2 – 3 hours –

NOSE: very high-toned; woodsy spice – either stems or oak; hint of leather; grapey; non-descript purple/red fruits; cherry soda; aromatics lean more towards cold climate than warm climate.

BODY: medium-light to medium bodied; raspberry red color of medium-light to medium depth.

TASTE: high acidity (hint of V/A?); same woodsy spice from the Nose is repeated on the palate; maybe a hint of brett; garrigue on the mid and rear palates – also noticeable on the finish; 12.5% alc. not noticeable; very easy to drink and a remarkable value, as is usual for this bottling.

50, 5, 12, 17, 8 = (92+ pts.)

Brian, thx for the TN.

A really nice vintage of this great wine. Thanks for the notes.

Lovely note Brian. You’re making me rethink my I hate Bojo stance.

Corey … dude … this bottle should set you back $30 - $35. Give it a shot! This wine (different vintage) was all but forced on me by “my wine guy” a few years ago, and I have been indebted to him for it ever since.

Thanks for the push Brian. There’s a place not all that far from home that sells it. Will try to make a run soon and I’ll report back.

If u want to drink Bojo, then this is the one…crazy good

Yeah, I reloaded 3 times.
I had just about given up on Bojos…and then this.
Just a wow wine for me.

Save some for day 2 if possible.
Personally my WOTY.

Love that wine. Thanks for the note. I don’t recall a VA thing.

I see the 14s are hitting the shelves.


Really excellent wine, thanks for the note Brian. Got me to pop mine, it’s been in the queue for a bit. Tonight seemed like the right night with grilled loin of pork. Really food friendly.

Want the 14, drinking thru 09s & 11s now.

Did not love this a few nights ago. Definitely a very weird VA or something that blew off quickly. Tons of cranberry and acidity…I like fuller years better.

Liked your note Brian, looking forward to drinking this bojo. Are the 14s out now?

I’ve yet to see any '14’s on local shelves.

Glad you enjoyed it, Robert! Pork is a perfect pairing for this wine, too. How did you treat/prepare the pork?

I’ve seen other 14’s, just not this one.

I’ve popped 3 this year, loved every time. I love the beef blood, irony component. Delish.

Hmmm, cool. Have you tried any yet?

Smokin on day two. Love it.

A lean, crisp, pure style, evocative of the vintage.

To my memory this is usually one of the later released Crus. Often I’ve seen Coudert & Lapierre long before I’ll see Foillard