TN: 2013 Franchere Syrah Havlin Vineyard Willamette Valley

  • 2013 Franchere Syrah Havlin Vineyard Willamette Valley - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley (5/2/2016)
    Medium ruby, tart red berry, lightly sour pie cherry, light chewy tannins, medium fruit and body more in the style of fruitier PN with a nice acid component. If you are expecting a bold syrah, you will be dissapointed, but for those liking a more Pinot style, I think you will be rewarded. The light Alc, 11.5 is also a plus for casual drinking. (91 pts.)

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Marcus does a Matello Deux Vert WV syrah that is also very good in a lighter style.
Todd Hamina has a Deux Vert Syrah with a bit of funk similar to Cameron for those liking that style.

Thanks for the note. I’ve really enjoyed both the Matello and Biggio-Hamina DV Syrahs. Recently read about Franchere. Will need to seek it out.

I think you are the only person I have ever heard say that.

Todd, my experience is with the '07 Momtazi and Deux Vert PN which takes a day or two to come around for me. I do not recall the vintage of the DV syrah, but the comments were initially a bit too funky for most of the crowd which are more into fruity oaky wines. I need to sample some others which always receive high praise from the hard graders on this forum.

Oh, and I have had this wine. Very pretty.

Popped and poured a bottle of the '14 tonight. Definitely higher in acid and lighter in body than I expect from syrah. Really lovely stuff.

That’s great Mandy, I will make sure the 2012 Deux Vert is open when you visit this week.
If you are planning on lunch after visiting us, Valley Commissary is really good and very close to the winery.

Thanks, Marcus. Looking forward to it. Lunch at Valley commissary sounds perfect.

I think that Oregon can definitely support commercially diverse selections of grapes. I assume that many different grapes can be successfully grown there, as I just saw an Oregon Zin the other day…

BTW, I am sadly ignorant of Oregon wines!

Drew, a whole different bunch of grapes are grown in the southern counties which is starting to get more press and developing another wine tourism industry. It’s much warmer, but some pinot is grown in the cooler valleys at higher elevations. A few WV winemakers are buying fruit from there and making some very good wines. We should just call it along with Nor Cal the State of Jefferson.

+1 to Dennis post, but there’s more varietal range in the Willamette Valley than many people realize. Some things like Blaufrankisch are great possibilities but marketing challenges(Barbera as well), while others probably just need more time to realize the potential (Gamay Noir and Riesling here, potentially Cabernet Franc). There are lots of other possibilities that have too small a production level for me to offer an opinion.

This maybe on the sour grapes theme. Years ago we went to Erath before he sold and tasted with the family. I was most impressed by some Dolcetto he had vinified and my SIL liked a lot so we gave him what we had bought. On our next visit they said Dick had pulled the vines. We did not buy anything and he sold out. I do not take any credit for that action, but my wife only buys the occasional PG from New Seasons now.