TN: 2013 Carlisle Mourvedre (USA, California, Sonoma County)

2013 Carlisle Mourvedre - USA, California, Sonoma County (7/7/2017)
I am always interested in trying Mourvèdre, so I was happy to try this as well. Ripe and glossy were the first things that sprang to mind. Black and red fruit, some spice and more than a little VA came through. It held its alcohol very well, but lacked much in the way of structure to hold it together. It was more like a blanket of Mourvèdre than a drink.

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I just bought a bottle of this. Sounds like I’ll be drinking it this summer. No need to wait.

You might want to reach out to Mike and find out his opinion. I had an 11 I believe a few years back and Mike commented that it needed a lot more time . . .

Just my $.02.


Good idea Larry, though I am not sure I have the impulse control to wait long anyways.

Btw, Mike has a very handy page on his website that shows recommended drinking windows for his wines and tells you when he last updated the drinking-window info. For example, on this wine it says:

Drink: 2016 - 2027
Last Updated: 08/23/2015

Have to say, this Carlisle was, & is a bit of a head-scratcher, & very rare miss for me (near miss, but miss) with any Mike Officer red (very rare as in ONLY this, out of dozens of different Carlisle’s I’ve enjoyed over the years).
Mouvedre can be one of those grapes where you say Where’s The Fruit? … but that hasn’t been my experience with past Carlisle Mouvedre & 2 Acres in the past as I found with this bottle.

Less VA (per se) came through for me when I tasted this ~18 mo ago.

2013 Carlisle Mourvedre Sonoma County (87 Points) Very pale ruby.
NOSE > Spice dominant, followed by herbs, with a suggestion of fruit. Pretty sage, rose-petal, lavender, marshmallow,
cherry-bark, red-licorice. Black-plum, clove, Campari & sweet vermouth.
Some heat/alcohol showing through (14.9% on label).
PALATE > Soft, lush, low acid. Mainly spice & herbs also on palate. Some pretty, exotic, soft black fruit far in the background - red, black & yellow-mulberry, bitter-cherry, bramble, & plum.
Some alcohol shows through, & along with low acid, gives very rich, almost sweet feel. Low intensity. Low tannin & oak. Some aggressive phenols &/or hard press-tannins, but attenuated & at low levels.
Drinks very rich, ripe, non-fruity, with some alcohol showing on both nose & palate. Frankly drinks almost like a big, dark Rose’.
Very young still, & will re-taste tomorrow, but honestly, a bit of a head-scratcher from one of my favorite Cali Syrah, Zin, Rhone-ish producers.
Slightly more red & black berry fruit on nose & palate day 2, but not showing enough for any point upgrade.

Off the beaten path of consistent, very high quality of Mike’s reds for me.
I know Mourvedre tannins can be aggressive & late-ripening, & granted, VERY young (in my tasting window), but still a little curious head-scratcher for me, & I like young wines of all stripes.

Don’t know bottling date (& don’t see on Carlisle site, or any bottles, for that matter). I could almost put this down to
bottle-shock, but a Mike tasting note from almost 6 months previous to my note (MRO – 07/18/15) seem to indicate maybe not.

My 2 cents.


Thanks for the notes, Brian & Co.