TN: 2013 Briceland Zinfandel Ishi Pishi Ranch

Really nice Zin for those who like leaner styled wines. All the classic zin flavors; great with flank steak with a mild Asian rub. 13.4% and pretty high acid for zin. The whole table was impressed .

Yes, I like this one too. Very red fruited and crunchy. I think it would be great if some more producers came into the market with zins in this cool climate less-ripe style, to show off still more of the diversity of the grape. Excellent QPR as well.

Hi Lee & Chris,

Thanks for posting on this wine. From my POV, it was very unusual, and help me see that it is possible to make appealing red wines from grapes that the books say can’t make wine. At harvest the pH was 3.08 - about right for sparkling wine.

Sadly, that wine is gone. I was concerned that it would be a one-off and that future bottling from that vineyard would be radically different. I am pleased that the 14 vintage of that, while it has better developed tannin at bottling, it still carries the same basic character as the 13.

I look forward to getting the 14 out to a couple of people who enjoyed the 13 to get some feedback.

I also appreciated this wine. I recall that someone on CT wrote that this was how Zinfandel would taste if grown in the Loire – I thought that was dead on.