TN: 2013 Becklyn Napa

The wine was opened on Thursday. Initially completely closed, with nothing but tannins. I was just about convinced that I wasted a bottle of vino. Had a taste on Friday, and there was fruit in there, but still overwhelmed by the tannins. Finally on Saturday, the fruit comes out, while the tannins providing the backbone structure. Just a beautiful wine, a pleasure to drink.

While the 2012 was ready from the get-go, the 2013 should be left alone for quite a bit of time.

My note from December.

Do NOT open this bottle of wine yet.

Agree, the 13 is closed down, interestingly the 13 reserve was open for business

Opened this on Easter and had a very different experience–thought it was delicious, no issue with tannins. Enjoyed by three of us.