TN: 2012 Walter Scott Vojtilla Chardonnay

I first tasted this fabulous Chardonnay from barrel in 2013. It was an immediate must buy.

Having really enjoyed 2011 Rhys Alpine Chardonnay last week the Vojtilla made for a very interesting comparison. The Alpine is one of California’s best Chards. Walter Scott is even better and would be a great ringer in a top flight of Burgundy.

Notes of yeast, lemon, tarragon and earth great the nostrils. Medium bodied and packed with interest, the flavors of earth, lemon, nuts and a squirt of white grapefruit pop. Perfect acidity and long length complete the picture. The French oak is perfectly integrated. One of my top wines of the year. Just brilliant.


Great note, Glenn. The Vojtilla is (was) my favorite Walter Scott Chardonnay. Sad that it is no long part of Ken’s lineup.

This is Grand Cru quality. Vojtilla is an amazing vineyard.

I am hoping for a Seven Springs Chardonnay!

Hi Glenn, your wishes are coming true in 2017. WS is bottling a Seven Springs chardonnay that I have tasted in barrel, and it’s wonderful. I am a bigger fan of X-Novo, but the new Seven Springs bottling is every bit as good.

Futures are on sale now. They release in March 2018.

This wine is incredible. Erica generously shared with us a bottle during a distributor tasting a few months ago and we cracked it when she went on to next appointment. We tasted it a touch too warm but it still showed how good it was. The small number of 12s I’ve had from them (the base level cuvée!!) is what led me to following them!

I believe the fruit is still available this year. They are super nice people (we used to get the Pinot). It’s just a numbers game now. I would take it if we weren’t going to be buried in fruit yet again this year.

Just found a 2015 Freedom Hill Pinot and Chard. Opening the chard tonight. Excited to get my hands on this producer.

Opened my last bottle this evening. Fantastic wine. Plale straw color in the glass and a wonderful saline infused nose of oyster shell and river rocks. Tart lemon curd leads on the palate and lingers through an impeccably balanced and precise finish. This just exudes class. I wish that I had more. I need to check in on my '13’s and '14’s.

I pulled a 13 from the locker the other day.

I am disappointed they are no longer making this. This is one of my favorite Chardonnays.

Stepping away from Vojtilla and focusing on great fruit sourced closer to the Winery, primarily from the Eola-Amity Hills AVA, was a tough decision for Ken.

For the Spring Release (2017 vintage) there will be Chardonnays from X Novo, Seven Springs, and Justice Vineyards in the Eola-Amity Hills plus Freedom Hill Vineyard and Cuvee Anne. More to come from the 2018 vintage.

when does this release happen? I’ve got a tasting appointment in April!

We’re looking forward to hosting you!

Come April, most of the Cuvees will still be available. A few among the lowest production bottlings (Seven Springs Chard and Pinot, Sequitur Pinot, X Novo Chard, Justice) may be sold out.

Futures on these are up on the Website now and a Release Letter will go out in a week or so.

Wines are available for immediate purchase, pick-up, or shipment on March 2nd.

Please post a note when you open it.