TN: 2012 Walter Scott Cuvee Anne Chardonnay

The best Oregon Chardonnay I have tasted. I sampled it from barrel and now with some time in the bottle it has really blossomed.

Nutty oak in the background supports vibrant acidity and white fruit aromas and flavors. A long building finish. Very Burgundian and easily 1er quality. Delish.

Thanks for posting Glenn, I remember you were mentioning that this bottle was on deck when I posted on the 14 of the same cuvee, great to see this 12 showing so well. I have to give the TWA Neal Martin some credit in getting me to taste the 14 lineup at a local store earlier this spring, he was very bullish and called Walter Scott the big surprise of his first OR report.

I haven’t had the chance to try one of Walter Scott’s higher end Chards yet, but two 2013’s that I really liked were Goodfellow’s Richard’s Cuvée and Crowley’s Four Winds.

Just back from IPNC where I had the opportunity to try a large number of the Walter Scott chards and pinots including the 2015’s from the barrel. They were all terrific wines for sure. For me I thought the Walter Scott chards were the best chards I had the pleasure of trying at IPNC. The good news is that in 2017 Walter Scott will increase their chard production to approximately 1/2 of their total production.

RT holding out on you? [snort.gif]

I was fortunate to have the 2011 Crowley Four Winds, the 2010 Matello Richard’s Cuvée and the 2014 Goodfellow Richard’s Cuvée this past Tuesday. The '11 Four Winds and '10 Richard’s were showing very well. The '14 Richard’s that Marcus poured at the winery was very nice for a young wine. Not unexpected, it could use a few years.

I can’t decide which of the Walter Scott SVDs I like best. For awhile I thought X-Novo, then Vojtilla, but then on my last visit I chose to buy a magnum of Freedom Hill after tasting the '14s. They are all really nice, as are the Richard’s and Four Winds.

The 12 Vojtilla is a mineral bomb. I have not tried X-Novo yet.

Sounds yummy!


The X-Novo is absoutely fantastic

Ken Pahlow is the best winemaker in Oregon currently.

Among the best, for sure.