TN: 2012 Ultramarine Blanc de Noirs Heintz Vineyard Sonoma Coast

2012 Ultramarine Blanc de Noirs Heintz Vineyard Sonoma Coast - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (3/2/2019)
Right off the bat the aromatics were striking and gorgeous. Fresh pear, apple and light toast, complimented by lemon zest kept me going back to the glass, just to smell the wine. I expected a more evolved palate, but it showed quite racy, with most of the expected richness reserved for the finish. Fun to drink now, but likely still has a good bit of runway. I will hold my last bottle for several more years just to see where it goes.

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Thanks for the check-in. Sounds really great.
Wish I had some self-restraint and didn’t always blow through UM wines as quickly as I do. Never got to see them develop. One day, I’ll learn.
Got the notice that the Cruse Tradition is shipping in a couple weeks. Looking forward to that one.

Unfortunately the Cruse ran into the expenditure limit for me.

Expenditure limit? [scratch.gif]

Trying to make sure I don’t do this [swoon.gif] when I see the credit card bill.

I hear you. I did that Thursday when my bill came. The Cruse sparkler was my one mailing list purchase this season. Not buying anything, anywhere, for a couple months…or at least a couple weeks… [cheers.gif]

Thank goodness that Ultramarine is wife approved. No matter how much of it I can buy, she wonders if we can get more.

Then I tell her about secondary market prices, and she is satisfied with our allocation.

That sounds familiar [cheers.gif] Keep thinking the next Ultramarine I open will finally be a clunker. Hasn’t happened, each has been excellent.


Thanks for the note. Just had the '13 BdB last night and it was singing. Agree that I’d like to see some with age to see how they develop.

The ‘13 BdB is the best wine I have had from Ultramarine.