TN: 2012 Maybach Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Amoenus

  • 2012 Maybach Family Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Amoenus - USA, California, Napa Valley (12/10/2014)
    Having been a fan of Chris Maybach’s wines since inception (good movie) I think I can spot a trend breaking: as good as Materiums are this Amoenus is incredible. Not really fair to judge such different ends of the cab spectrum, I will try. Chris sent me his 2012 Cabs to sample and sample we did. Look for this wine to break in 2012 and subsequently the 2013 vintage if what I hear is correct. After declassifying his 2011s, this guy needed a homerun or two. Which of the sister wines you gravitate toward depends solely on your Cabernet Sauvignon preference.
    ----》Dark as night. The nose screams from the glass. I love the cool redder styled & brighter fruit profile that is showing. Its uplifting and refreshing while densly packed but always remains lilt; this crosses the tongue with ease. A medium weighted wine with tons of elegance and flair. Acidity is spot on and tannins complicated but behaved. Finish goes long and true which if you know anything about Cabernet Sauvignon you know I speak gospel. After 3 vintages of tracking this wine I can honestly say that this has really blossomed into something so spectacular and so deserving to finally come out of Materiums shadows. 2012 is Amoenus’s coming out party. It has come of age and you are at the main dais. What the hell you waiting for? Oh, yeah, release date…
    Look for it around March 2015 (95 pts.)

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Yes, great movie, and thanks for the candid notes on the Amoneus. Sounds like this spring will be the time to finally give this a chance!


Last night this was more impressive, more complex, more exciting than the 2012 Materium. And the Materium is very very good.

Thanks again Mike for your notes on Amoneus. I plan on buying both when they’re released.

I remember the Polaner tasting in 2006 like it was yesterday. flirtysmile

lol. Been a long time.

Well now, I will be spending some coin this Spring. I actually have never had the Amoenus.
Thanks Mike!