TN: 2012 Grant Burge, Holy Trinity, Barossa Valley

Best…albeit only…Barossa wine I’ve had in a while!

EDIT. Man, @ToddFrench , WTF do i post an insta link so that the full text/note shows?? Help a brother out! In the meantime, here’s my shitty tn:

Not gonna lie. It’s been a bit since I’ve had a Barossa/Australian wine and I couldn’t help but think ‘ooze monster’ in the back of my mind. That said…this was definitely NOT that wine, which is a very good thing! Still big and slightly baked fruit but it was balanced by a substantial amount of acidity and decent complexity. Not a world beater…but it was tasty and had enough going on to contemplate. I’ve heard good things about this producer and I was not disappointed.

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Gotcha! On the previous format when we pasted the link it showed all of your text from the insta post, so that’s why i was asking. Ill just inlcude my note in the post moving forward. Thanks man!