TN: 2012 Bedrock Wine Co. Syrah North Coast (USA, California, North Coast) Updated in post #4 & 9

Been a while since I’ve had one of these, it will be a while before I revisit it also. Real tasty but has a ways to go to shed its baby fat.

  • 2012 Bedrock Wine Co. Syrah North Coast - USA, California, North Coast (5/12/2016)
    Nose of blackberry, blueberry, violets and oink-oink bacon. Not a bad start if you ask me. Seems a bit on the rich side, probably could have used a couple more years sideways. That thought is confirmed on the palate as this wine is as rich as the nose with a big blast of black pepper on top of it. A few hours of air softens things up a bit but this is still a baby. Judicious oak, fruit turning a tad tart on the finish, ample chewy tannins. Have one more in the cellar and it’s going to stay in bed until the end of the decade if I can control myself.

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Love that you can find this and the entry Zin from them at Bottle Barn these days. Thanks for the note Brian.

The '12?

Revsiting this wine tonight after sitting under a vacuum since last night. Completely different showing. The fruit is very ripe and on the forefront, and persistent throughout the palate. Needs some acidity and/or tannins to offset it. Seems OTT right now. Not sure what happened because the spice and tannins were great last night. That’s all but gone now. The aging potential took a dive overnight. Weird.

Overall, for the price, would you consider this wine as a good buy or a goodbye?

Exactly my impression with this but also first day. Hate to trash a board favorite but there it is.

For the $19 I spent on it it’s still a no brainer just not going to let them sit as long.

Ah sorry, no I just meant in general you can find the North Coast Syrah there. Maybe '13 now?

I’m going to rename this 2012 Bedrock Jekyll and Hyde Syrah. It sat over the weekend and I tried it again on Monday night with burgers. The acidity was back, the tannins integrated but present and the fruit more under control. Not sure what to advise other than avoid it on day 2.

Glad it made a U-turn for you, Brian!

Another avenue is to crush the bottle on day 1. 3 years from now.

Liking the rename although it seems more like something D&R would do…