TN: 2012 Arnot-Roberts Syrah North Coast (USA, California, North Coast)

2012 Arnot-Roberts Syrah North Coast - USA, California, North Coast (5/3/2017)
Two years on from my last bottle, and this is a wonder of savory Syrah. It needs 30 minutes to blow off some trapped CO2, but once it does the edges are honed down, and it is an integrated medley of black olive, roasted meat, leather, rosemary and fruit that is as dark as midnight. The balance is precise, and the finish long as a night watch. This is both interesting and delicious now, with the requisite depth and balance for several more years of profitable aging.

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Have you tried any of Sonoma’s MacLaren cool climate Syrahs? Might be of interest to your palate.

No I have not. Have to admit that I don’t need to be following more producers!

Glad those edges are rounding out. When I drank this a few years ago, it was still rough. Will have to check in again. Thanks for the note.

Give it 30-60 minutes of air, and then it’s on a roll.

Cool, my local guy has this on sale at $29.99 from $39.99. Grabbed one to give it a whirl. Thanks for the note.

Great price!

Excellent wine and well described by David. I would say the outer range of ripeness on the continuum of balance, for my palate. Very rich and savory. Enjoyed over two nights.

So almost too ripe for your taste?

Wow have our preferences diverged over the years.

Oh I doubt the divergence is that significant. As I noted, I really like this wine, a lot. No doubt my palate has become more focused, and arguably more linear, these past 10 years, but in some respects, I’m back to where I started after a period of exploration. It was traditional Bordeaux, Chinon and Northern Rhone that hooked me on this passion of wine (La Louviere, Raffault and Clape some epiphany wines in the mid-90s). Has your palate changed over the years?

Yes, my palate has certainly changed. The problem for me is that it has broadened. I appreciate more styles, from both ends of the spectrum, than I used to.