TN: 2012, 2014, 2015 Bevan Sugarloaf Red

Three vintages of Bevan Sugarloaf:

2012: Dark purple, nose of dark fruits (mulberries) and vanilla, and that pleasant Merlot spicy-leafy scent. Youthful tannins are a prominent feature of the palate expression. The wine is deep, with pleasant dark soil tones showcased as the wines builds its depth of palate. The most brooding of the three. 94 pts. (50 CF/50 Merlot)

2014: The color is dark if not as dark as the 2012. More aromatic, with prominent floral and spice qualities and a clear aroma of oak, not as integrated into the fruit aromas as the 2012. The taste of the wine is less satisfying than the nose, as this wine is still just way too young and tightly wound. Still, it’s clear this wine is a more red-fruited wine than the 2012, more elevated in all forms of its expression, without that deep dimension of the 2012, though it surely has plenty of character, just to be expressed more in upper registers. 92 pts today, with potential of 95. (57 CF/43 Merlot)

2015: An appealing and harmonious nose; with plenty of spicy oak on top but in a very integrated way. On the nose and in the mouth the vinous material is robust but not overwrought, showcasing a panoply of blue and black fruits, including blueberry and mulberry, mixed with spice and earth. The most accessible of the three vintages if the youngest, and of great quality. The wine has a detracting alcoholic finish, but this wine has the power and impact of Napa Valley grandeur while still having plenty of class. 96 pts. (50 CF/ 50 Merlot)

Overall comments: because of the cepage, this wine has a lightness which nicely balances its obvious power.

Big fan of Bevan. There is a nice spot at about 6 years where they shed the baby fat and fruit aligns with tannin and oak.