TN: 2011 Tor Kenward Cabernet, Cimarossa Vineyard, Howell Mountain

Gotta be the best 2011 Napa Cab that I’ve had! Scored this from Total Wine back in the day for like $80 I think - pretty sure they had it priced incorrectly as the baseline Napa. 1 left that I’ll prob drink up over the next 3 to 5 years.

Tor did a good job with the down year 2017 as well, even with their non mountain vineyards.

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Good to know on the 17’s as well! I dig Tor’s wines across the board, so I’m definitley not surprised.

Have you tried his Petite Sirah? I have not but have been close to pulling the trigger a few times. Tor and Palisades Vineyard - can’t be too terrible! [cheers.gif]

Is 17 really a down year? I think 11 certainly was but tor’s house style does well in lighter vintages. I opened 05 and 07 in the last couple years which were good.

I haven’t tried the PS but like you said I’m sure it’s good. Tor wines are on the pricey side for me but I enjoy them. I like their Chard a lot but feel there are others I like as much at a bit lower price point.

I haven’t tried the chard either, but don’t drink a ton of it in general. One of these days I’ll snag a PS and report back!