TN: 2011 Robert Mondavi Winery Fumé Blanc To-Kalon I Block

  • 2011 Robert Mondavi Winery Fumé Blanc To-Kalon I Block - USA, California, Napa Valley (5/14/2015)
    From 70yr old vines….100% SB, 147 cases……another outstanding I Block……bright and full of life……creamy and vibrant yellow pitted, melon, grapefruit, tart lemon fruit….also with a little tropicalness with pineapple, banana skin and coconut water. The citrus is alive and dancing…but there is substantial cream and weight that really pleases the palate. Georgeous florals of lemon grass, blossoms, vanilla bean, white honey, coconut butter….plenty of minerality with crushed chalk and saline notes. So much expression and uniqueness……not only are you drinking tastiness…but history as well! Best wine Mondavi makes imo! (96 pts.)

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Great detailed review. I really enjoy the Fumé Blanc.

Awesome note on an awesome wine with another awesome pic!


Agreed, wish I was well enough to be having one manana.

Worth every penny. Amazing wine.

I visited Mondavi years ago, and this was for sure my favorite among the Reserve wines.

Anyway to get this wine outside of visiting the winery?

Sending you good vibes, Glenn.

Just lingering bronchitis, not helped by working everyday.

Was there last week and picked these 11’s up, as well as the 12…they usually don’t taste the I Block but we were partying it up with the lady in charge, and she was nice enough to offer pretty much all the wines available…and even cracked open a last bottle of the 04! THAT was drinking amazing!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry doc…plenty saved for you!
Get well my friend!

What does this sell for?

$90…but the $45 tasting was waived per bottle. I don’t know if this was just for us(me)… since they have never waived the fee for a purchase before…especially the I Block?

Very graphic TN, esp with the great picture. Sounds like a fantastic wine.

Great note! Is there any way to get this wine without travelling to the winery or buying a bunch of other stuff?

As I’m making a smoothie this morning…there is definitely a banana skin component in the wine that’s part of the uniqueness. I had to edit that in the tn.

They only sell this wine in the Reserve tasting room……but I have also picked a few oldies up at auctions here and there….but yes, very difficult to find. The To Kalon Reserve(not I Block) is easier to get….and just as enjoyable and unique……that has some Semillon in it!

Had to pull this one from the archs as I just got done reading about the vertical 03-14 that Tanzer just did on Vinous…Vinous | Explore All Things Wine

Makes me want to pop one…tonight! flirtysmile

Any chance it will be a 2012 that you will open next?

I had a 2012 about 8 months ago. Liked it a lot, has a freshness than many reds from 2012 lacked. Can’t compare it to other vintages though as it was my first I Block.

i may be at the fabled grounds this sunday :slight_smile: