TN: 2011 Rhys Alesia Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast

  • 2011 Rhys Alesia Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast (3/23/2014)
    This is the first Rhys product I’ve tried. I expected a somewhat restrained wine, which is what I experienced. Floral nose with hints of tea backed by some earthiness. Silky mouthfeel with muted fruit on the palate. Smooth finish. This will hopefully improve over the next year or two, but drinks well now. At this price point, I will buy this again. GOOD. (90 pts.)

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Just put my case in the cellar today…put 3 of the Pinot in long term and 6 of the chard…keeping the rest for the at home cellar.

Want to try a chard but can’t bring myself to open one

FWIW I think the '11 Alder Springs Chardonnay is drinking quite well now. I opened several bottles at a family gathering yesterday so I have recent data points!

Meanwhile I think the '11 Sonoma Coast PN will be better in a year or two so I am cellaring that one.

Had a bottle of the '11 Alesia PN last night. Decanted for 1 hour prior to serving, served blind alongside a '11 Paul Lato Atticus (which, BTW, was delightful). The nose was spectacular, brooding, earthy and complex. While showing a lot of dark fruit on first taste (and increasingly by the last taste) the palate was a bit flat, IMO, lacking in acidity. Good dose of dark red fruit, medium body with fine tannins, but just missing some brightness I would have expected from this vintage and appelation. These were both tasted with another couple and all of us felt the Alesia was quite “flat” in comparison (though, admittedly, maybe not the fairest comparison). Better than many at this price point, but not a star at this point in its lifecycle.

Like Scott, this was also my first Rhys product, so wasn’t sure what to expect.

I am bringing one Pinot and one chard to dinner tonight!!!

I had my first Rhys Pinots today at the release party my friend invited me to. The pinots they poured were Family Farm and the San Mateo appellation. I was very intrigued by the style, it’s not typical big new world fruit nor is it typical old world earthy funk. I think minerality (spell check tells me this is a fake word) and subtlety are the best way I can describe the style. OP’s “restrained” is quite accurate of the style. I quite enjoyed it, I think I’ll try to get my hands on more Rhys when I get the chance.

Restrained. Hmm. Lean is more the word I would use. Fruit is maybe the third option of flavor. I was advised by an onephile friend to get into this winery as one representing a style that I usually avoid, but of high reputation. When I made onto the list I bought a sample case including this one. It seems a bit, hmm, professorial, austere. I keep wanting more fruit. I feel like this style of wine requires study, like reading The Red And the Black. I have to admit it to myself that for me, the pleasure is in the fruit is all, terroir be damned. This just ain’t my juice. Their Chardonnay however is heavenly!

I picked up some Alesia Chardonnay (the Pinot was sold out) I definitely enjoyed the San Mateo and Family Farm Pinot’s yesterday (first time trying anything from Rhys), if I had gotten some I would definitely cellar them for a bit. The Horseshoe Syrah was quite nice as well. Wish I had taken one of the employees up on quick tour, but didnt have the time unfortunately.