TN: 2011 Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey Meursault Narvaux

what a relief to open this bottle and find electricity in the flavors. Zingy citrus and some orchard fruit, my tastebuds are all doing the wave. No nuttiness and little minerality, it’s oh so young and so delicious. Love this guy’s wines.

Nice, I had a 11 pycm chenevottes last night, nice too

I think PYCM did well in 2011. The Montrachet that was opened at a dinner with him and George Derbalian on March 3rd was tight as a drum and was really young but what potential.

Same impression from his 2011 MP opened late last year - great potential, far too young

Almost 10 years too young for white burg? There’s the rub I guess…

I wish I had cases and cases of PYCM squirreled away but I don’t, so I figure it’s better to wait 20+ years and take my chances on premox…

yeah, 20-30 years on would be right for this wine.