TN: 2011 Perliss Estate Cabernet Sauvignon - The Ravens

I’ve been really looking forward to trying this wine. I love what Aaron Pott does with his wines and when this new project came online I bought a few bottles to give it a shot. After tasting Pott’s 2011 lineup, and the 2011 Greer, I had high hopes of what Aaron was able to do in the dreaded 2011 vintage in this inaugural release.

This wine was given slow ox for 10 hours and then decanted. Fragrant nose of black/blueberry, with a prominent spicebox component from the oak (which faded later in the evening), a hint of iodine. Palate was very smooth, almost light, but them picks up good grip and heft as it moves across your palate. Long, pleasing finish. I liked this wine a lot, but felt as though it was missing a bit of brightness in the palate. 94+ points from me, but my wife loved it and scored it a 98.

Yay! Glad to see this wine get a little attention. This little project is also unusual in that it is lower ripeness than many wines out there. I think the first few vintages hover right at 14%. Its in a cool knoll not too far from Montelena and seems more in the realm of Monte Bello and Montelena than the very ripe end of Napa wines. Aaron has been there since planting and some of it is meter by meter, 4000+ vines per acre. A rocky site with a very bright future.

Justin thanks for the TN and Roy thanks for your information. I purchased a few bottles in the pre-release based on Roy’s previous comments and the fact that I am a fan’s of Aaron’s wines, but have not opened one yet.

Justin would you suggest waiting or should I open one now to check in since I have a few.



I’d wait a bit, Brian. But if you can’t resist, at least 10 hrs of slow O and a decant is needed to show this wines precision.

Wondering if anyone has tried an other vintages of this wine. 2011 seems to be an interesting vintage, and I wonder how representative the 2011 is for this wine.


I believe that 2011 is the first release. If I remember correctly they made a 2010, but production was so little they decided not to release it.


How much was this wine on release from the winery?


$125 per bottle. The release is still live.



I tried the 2012 and it’s a beauty. In my opinion a more complete wine than the '11, though the '11 is stunning. I just got my email for 2013 which is pre-released today. I really shouldn’t get any, as I just quit my job to start a tech company… I really should save my cash… but 2013 Perliss: the vintage + Potts + how incredibly good the '11 and '12 are… I think i’m going to have to get a few bottles.