TN 2011 Peay La Bruma Syrah

The first La Bruma that we have tried and it was terrific. Somewhat muted on the nose it was decanted for about an hour. The color was a deep dark purple and it tasted of dark fruit i.e. blackberry and dark plum. Everything about it was balanced with the spice that is associated with syrah giving it a long finish. It was a great match for the braised lamb dish that we had with it. That it was great tasting was not a big surprise given that it was from Peay. All of their wines are worth buying, both for price and quality IMHO.


I’ve always enjoyed their Pinots and haven’t had a chance to try their Syrahs. Thanks for the post Curt, I’ll be hunting down a bottle or two.

Thanks for the note. An interesting one, as I’ve put my bottles away to sleep. At release, this was a lighter, leaner wine, even by Peay standards. Reminded me in some ways of the 2005, which was on the more reserved side, higher acidity. I didn’t touch any 05s for quite a few years, but in recent samplings it is starting to show beautifully. I’m hoping the 11s follow the same trajectory.

Thanks for the TN! I have only tried the PN from them, look forward to a Syrah in the near future.