TN - 2011 Pavelot Dominode

1st from a case - Immediately split this off into a 375ml bottle under screwcap, so we can revisit in a few weeks
Despite being a both a huge Pavelot & Dominode fan, I wasn’t actually expecting too much from this given the vintage and being what is often an awkward age. I expected I’d need to coax out something more from this other than being a bit taught with perhaps some 2011 green/ pithyness from the year and possible pyrazines. Not revealing much at 1st, apart from some Beaune like aromas and on the palate the acid is on full display. Within no time it opens up with rich, almost exotic dark red fruits and spice. Nothing off vintage about this. An absolutely lovely (and super food friendly) burgundy with so much simmering under the surface.
I love how Pavelot performs consistently and how some of the lesser vintages are often their strength. OPened a few '07’s this year and they were showing well also.
This is ok to go with just a bit of air or keep for a few decades. I love having that choice. [cheers.gif]

Nice note. Buying more Pavelot lately, so this is helpful to hear.

2008 is still hard as a rock.

Kris, so are the '05’s & '10’s. Even the '02 is a bit reticent.

Count me in as a skeptic. I find them too rustic, simple and harsh. Fell for the “qpr” trap. The market has them priced properly. In my opinion, if they were in another region they would be a 25$ wine.

Sebastian, are your descriptors of rustic, simple & harsh based on Savigny les Beaune in general? Pavelot? Pavelot Dominode? or the 2011 above? Would like to hear what you’ve experienced, as the same could be said for many many regarded producers up & down the Cote D’Or at certain bottle ages.

I am talking specifically about Pavelot Dominode. I have tried, 12,10, 09, 08, 05, and 01. 2010s, have especially been disappointing(not surprising since you can basically buy them at release price today.)I just find them charmless and un-evolved for lack of a better word. Sadly I have some which ill try in my late retirement to see if they transform into something interesting.

The 19s are dark-fruited but delicious and almost like Christmas, rooting around in the cellar this morning, I found an unopened 6-pack of the 99 Dominode plus two loose bottles - what a lazy boy I have been!

The '02 finally opened up a couple of years ago but has since closed up again, which occasionally happens.
When it was open, the wine exuded a great deal of class, along with cherry like flavors, and was quite impressive.
I wouldn’t write these wines off yet, they just appear to need a lot of time…