TN: 2011 Edmunds St. John Syrah Fenaughty

2011 Edmunds St. John Syrah Fenaughty - USA, California, Sierra Foothills, El Dorado County (7/1/2019)
The slow evolution continues for this bottling. Smoky, meaty aromatics blend with dark black fruit, just barely starting to unfurl into a more complex, developed wine. Maybe another 3-5 years for this to really come into its own, but the path is clear.

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I have seen older vintages as Wylie-Fenaughty.

Why the two names?

Well, Karl…the people who owned Wylie were a bit strange and there were some issues. So Steve quit taking grapes from them.


Wylie-Fenaughty was a two vineyard blend.

There is also a 2009 Wylie Syrah. Only time Steve did that one solo.

Then we come to 2013, and the North Canyon Road Syrah, which is a blend of Fenuaghty and Barsotti.

Steve Edmunds is nothing if not adaptable.

Thanks for the info, probably could have searched the ole web myself but time is limited and I like to spend my wine web time here.