TN: 2011 Cascina Chicco Roero Riserva Valmaggiore, w/lots of pictures

  • 2011 Cascina Chicco Roero Riserva Valmaggiore - Italy, Piedmont, Alba, Roero (3/18/2017)
    Wow, this is a great wine. It’s dark-ish (for Nebbiolo), but it’s not over-worked or tiresome in any way. Served blind, I’d have been in the $50-$100 category without exception. The aromas are intense after just 60 minutes in wide-bottom decanter; though the fabric of the flavors/layers of fruit are more hesitant to unwind. Seriously, this is impressive, and not what I had pictured in my mind prior to opening (given the modest price tag, i.e. not meant to be a slight toward the producer/site in any way - they’re both great). Close to full-bodied now, this clearly has the material and structure to go another 10 or 15 years with no problem - and it will get better as it does. I may see if they have a magnum or jero for sale when I see them in the coming weeks. 14,0% abv. highly recommended

Served non-blind; cork and fill in vg condition. Lots of pictures in the link below.

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This was always a very good source for quality.