TN: 2011 Cabot Vineyards Syrah Humboldt County

  • 2011 Cabot Vineyards Syrah Humboldt County - USA, California, North Coast, Humboldt County (8/26/2016)
    Berserkerday purchae. Decanted for 90 minutes then followed for 2-1/2 hours. Perhaps my best Cabot ever. Dark brooding fruit with soy, pepper and balsamic notes. I don’t normally sense soy or balsamic when others do, but with this wine, it was all there. The pepper was light, but still evident. The fruit was dark - no sweetness either actual or apparent - and had components of dark blackberries, blueberries and plums. Smooth mouth feel without being creamy. Finish falls of from a strong opening, but it lasts as an undertone in your mouth for a long time. A good value at $30. At three hours out, going to bed, it’s still got a nice wallop but the nose is now expressing violets to go with everything else. Bravo John - great effort. (91 pts.)

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I am going to have to start ordering Cabot regularly, the last few I have had were fantastic and such a great QPR. We had a 2010 Klamath a week or so ago, spectacular.

I do not remember whether I was introduced here or on CT as Eric is a fan. Anyway, I was able to get a couple cases early on and they are one of my “let’s share this wine”. As my palate has shifted toward AFWE, John’s wine have moved along which just may be coincidence, but I ain’t complaining and seem to open one a week. I do like that '10 Humbolt a lot. No '11 onboard, but do have a '11 Marier Humbolt. The '11s should be good it they follow the OR trend.

  • 2011 Cabot Vineyards Syrah Humboldt County - USA, California, North Coast, Humboldt County (11/13/2017)
    Dark garnet color with a savory bramble nose. Dry, medium fruit and body, sharp acid and chewy tannins having a hint of bitter stems. Bold flavors of raspberries, tart cherries, Himalayan blackberries, roast beef and cane pith. Somewhat harsh on opening. Left a night to settle in with a fairly bold fruit and body. Savory notes dominate with a lovely bright fruit and some metallic acid, chewy tannins moderated by some sweet undertones in a nice balance with an edge given to the acid. Definitely not in the AFWE camp, but hey we need a change on occasion. Getting better every day. Pretty much agree with MikeATL on this one. (92 pts.)

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I jumped on John’s website out of curiosity, as I have been meaning to circle back to buying his lovely wines.

I dig his note on the 2011 syrah:

This wine has a classic nose of olive brine, iodine, and dark fruits. The palate is “olive and cherry infused beef blood , pumped through a rusty iron pipe”. It is classic cold climate Syrah and will surely appease the palates of Northern Rhone drinkers.

I have used some of those exact notes, including the iodine and rusty pipe references to some classic, old school rhones that I have recently popped.

I need some of this.

Just opened a bottle of this tonight and had to write a note - at peak for me right now - amazing.

  • 2011 Cabot Vineyards Syrah Humboldt County - USA, California, North Coast, Humboldt County (1/7/2018)
    This is sooooo good and exactly what Syrah should be. On the nose, roasted meats, a kiss of smoke, olives, an amazing herbal/garrigue/sage/underbrush note, and perfectly ripe dark fruit. Flavors carry through on the palate, delivered with juicy, balanced bright acidity and mellowed velvety tannins. Plush, polished, and just plain delicious. (94 pts.)

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This draws the line so perfectly for me between old and new world with the best of both. Love it.

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Their Nash Mill Pinot is the bomb too.

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That sounds like a mode of Syrah many American winemakers would be envious to bottle!