TN: 2011 Ayres Vineyard Pinot Noir Willamette Valley (USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley)

From the Berserkerday Special through Mike A. at Storyteller Wines.

I was first acquainted with Ayres from a previous WB special, so I’m already a fan of Ayres. The price point is also quite friendly even at standard retail. Their entry level pinot doesn’t use (all) estate fruit and it won’t cause you to contemplate its complexity, but it’s only $25 MSRP.

  • 2011 Ayres Vineyard Pinot Noir Willamette Valley - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley (2/12/2013)
    Pop n pour at cool room temp. Bright red fruits with earthy tones. Rust. In the mouth it’s light and acidic with a light touch of tannins. Elegant. Not oaky. Finish is juicy still but a bit short and lacking complexity. Looking at my past vintage notes, after giving it a lot more air, the nose and in-mouth body fleshes out a bit and is much more enjoyable. At the end of the day, this is a fine entry level pinot that fits well into the $25 and below price point.

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I appreciate the note. This year I went for the Ayres Berserker Day Special, and I have really been looking forward to trying the wine. It won’t ship to me until March.

Throw some of the Jacobsen sea salt in and you’ll pick up some saline notes in the wine.

Report back when you get to the Perspective. And don’t salt your rim.

I’m torn between the 11 Perspective and the 10 J. Christopher Willamette as my favorite value in Oregon. The 11 Perspective might win, though I could be considered shamelessly biased as I run the wine part of the store Brad owned before he moved there.

Gomerites, like Jayhawks, are everywhere! I too am biased but I am drinking the Perspective right now and it is really hitting all the right spots for me.

Hard to imagine a better $25-ish Pinot. And I don’t HAVE to love it. [wink.gif] But I really do.

Seriously, I show this and Calera for elegance in the price range - Ayres for raciness and Calera for richness, along with whatever good Bourgogne I have found at the moment (Edmond Cornu 09 is current).

Swill for certain. [wink.gif]

This conversation has sure taken a shitty turn…

I saw what you did there. [welldone.gif]

Nice. Thanks for the note. I have yet to taste Ayres IIRC but should have a bottle in my StoryTeller order … although my storage facility can’t find my box although they signed for it [shock.gif] Fingers crossed that it turns up.