TN: 2010 Scheurebe

WTN: 2010 Weegmüller Scheurebe –Pfalz, Germany 11,5%

There is a Garden high above Neustadt called the Sonnenhang of which the terraces once belonged to vines and are now partially used to grow herbs and fruit for marmalade. The proprietress makes one of the most delicious Gooseberry Jams (Stachelbeeren Marmelade) that I have ever tasted. It is sweet and tart and slightly acidic, almost a grapefruit/tangerine marriage of fruitiness but with enough edge to be refreshing instead of candied. Within a kilometer of this place is Weegmüller, also run by women and though it sounds cliché (but also self applied by the estate), the wines do run a little more feminine as well as more juicy, succulent and more fruit driven than do the wines of Müller-Catoir, their immediate neighbor both in address and in many vineyard parcels. Can it really be coincidence that this Weegmüller 2010 Scheurebe is the reincarnation of the Gooseberry Jam in liquid form? I do know that it (the wine) is one of the better Scheurebe that I’ve tasted in a while. It is not short on aroma (surprising because of its youth), and also long on acidity and completely delicious. Sauvignon Blanc who?