TN: 2010 Ramey Chardonnay Hyde Vineyard (USA, California, Napa / Sonoma, Carneros)

2010 Ramey Chardonnay Hyde Vineyard - USA, California, Napa / Sonoma, Carneros (12/24/2016)
Served from magnum with my mom’s famous lobster crumble, this was absolutely on point. Lemon, apple and spice aromas and flavors buttressed by firm acids made it a perfect foil to the rich and buttery lobster. Mouthfilling but not at all heavy, the wine remained lively and fresh throughout the meal. The large format clearly preserved freshness and youthful expression, and so there are years to go with this bottling in this format. Delicious wine.

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Lobster crumble pics, please

I’ve been thinking about asking as well.

No pics available, but it is a really easy dish. It’s lobster meat, mixed with Ritz cracker crumbs, Sherry and lemon juice, with lots of melted butter. Put it in a baking dish and heat at 375 until browned and bubbly. It’s addictive, and great with Chardonnay or Champagne.

You should post this in the 60s/70s retro dinner thread. I think any recipe with Ritz crackers qualifies.

One of my favorite Hyde vineyards Chards. Thanks for sharing.