TN: 2010 Longplay Pinot Noir Lia's Vineyard

  • 2010 Longplay Pinot Noir Lia’s Vineyard - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Chehalem Mountains (10/14/2015)
    Medium garnet with light strawberry nose. Open an hour, lightly dry with light fruit of ripe strawberries, light body without being thin. Nicely integrated tannins and just the right acid to give the fruit a good balance with the tannins helping out on the finish. Not as acid forward as many '10s that I like, but well rounded with a soft velvety smooth mouth feel. One good bottle and perfect for drinking now. (92 pts.)

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2010 Longplay Pinot Noir Lia’s Vineyard - USA, Oregon, Willamette Valley, Chehalem Mountains (11/17/2015)
Open for a night on the counter. Last night it was a light garnet and quite restrained, light strawberry fruit and not too remarkable. Tonight the color is a light ruby, the nose is lightly perfumed lilacs. Lightly dry with light acid, restrained, charming smooth fruit, light cherry cola, soft tannins, a little smokey. I would like some smoked salmon to go with this. Sipping like a really good Scotch. This is not a wow wine, but sneaks up and taps you on the shoulder and says I’m here, let’s boogie. (91 pts.)
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Multiple noting on singular bottles.
Love it.

Although I may have gone back and ammended the first note leaving the first score intact, but that’s just me.


Mike, My second bottle. Usually I just amend the existing note over several days with proper attribution. If it improves over time, I give a score for the last glass, sometimes a PnP initial score along with the notes. Lately due to house guests, I’m lucky to get a second glass the next night. But that says the wine was pretty good. [cheers.gif]

Great note, I’m a fan of wines that sneak up and tap you on the shoulder ready to boogie.

Understood. Now I see the dates/math stuff.

Cool. Carry on brother!!

It did fall off on night three, next up is the '10 Jory Bench Reserve to see how it compares, night 2 was best for me.
BTW, Vincent said I could stop by Vino and pick up my case of wire, he neglected to say his competition/comrades were also pouring. I had taken a break from working so just popped over the Crema for a latte and back to work. I really do not need any more temptation to buy more wines. Between Story Teller, Sec and Vinopolis you guys are pretty well covered.
It will be interesting to do a taste comparison of all the Lia’s vineyard wines.

That was a really fun tasting. Good group and I was pouring next to John Paul from Cameron. Mid-way through a couple of tasters asked him how he was connected to the winery. I just about fell down…made me realize I have been drinking his wines for 21 years and I just assumed everyone knew him :wink: