TN: 2010 Hourtin-Ducasse (Haut Medoc) QPR

Deep ruby color, edging into the purple realm. I opened the wine when i got home from work, and just took a sip to check it. Quite tight, and not showing much. Two hours later in the open bottle the wine had started to transform a bit, filling out in the mid-palate, and gaining some deep cassis style fruit. Not too much wood here, such that the fruit plays the center role. No hint of over ripeness, and in fact something that resembles Bordeaux that I used to buy 15 years ago. It really reminded me of a 1998 from a higher tier producer. The tannins are not quite as pronounced as in that vintage, and I would not be holding this wine for 20 years to wait for maturity, but I definitely see a mid-term future for this bottling over the next 10-15 years of its life. Nice value for $20.

Nice. Thanks for the post

It was even better tonight.