TN: 2010 Dönnhoff Riesling trocken (Germany, Nahe)

  • 2010 Dönnhoff Riesling trocken - Germany, Nahe (5/17/2012)
    A bit muted on the nose but showing a bit of peach and sea shell. Intense meyer lemon notes on the palate. Slightly unctuous and pleasant mouth feel. Surprisingly long and slightly tannic finish. Another year of bottle age to allow the tannins to mellow, the flavors to meld, and the sharp angles to round a bit will likely help this wine. Still, this is a delicious summer drink that delivers the goods for an estate level Riesling. Hold for one year and then drink over the next three to five years. Good upside for a few extra points over time. (88 pts.)

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