TN: 2010 Domaine Le Bout du Monde Côtes du Roussillon Avec le Temps

2010 Domaine Le Bout du Monde Côtes du Roussillon Avec le Temps - France, Languedoc Roussillon, Roussillon, Côtes du Roussillon (5/26/2013)
Fresh, vibrantly fruity and with a nice earthy tinge on the finish. This is great quaffing red for a party. I enjoyed a couple of small pours from the magnum, but watched as some folks commandeered the rest of the bottle. I haven’t seen magnums of anything except Champagne empty so fast. Fun wine.

Who says people don’t like Carignan?

I would never say that. What a drinkable wine!

I agree. I loved it too.

The La Luce bottling is my favorite so far.

I really liked the 2010 ‘L’ecume des jours’ bottling with some LLadoner Pelut ( a cousin of Grenache).
The thing though is that the winemaker seems to change the way he makes the wine for every vintage, making it a bit confusing to follow a bottling vintage after vintage.
For example, the 2010 had some carbonic maceration, making it very fresh, and fun to drink.
The 2011 in the other hand, no carbonic maceration, making it more serious, although very good as well, but needs more time IMHO.

we opened a Hop-La magnum with ribs and wings BBQ last night.
It was a perfect match and enjoyed by all.

Thanks Suzanne.

I have not tried the Hop-La yet. I take it yours was the 2010?

yes my magnum was the 2010