TN: 2010 Domaine Faury St. Joseph (France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, St. Joseph)

I put this in Jay’s Puerto Rico thread, but figured there would be general interest.

2010 Domaine Faury St. Joseph - France, Rhône, Northern Rhône, St. Joseph (12/8/2017)
Someone posted that they thought this wine was past peak on CT. Ha! Not even close. It’s still an adolescent. It does show lots of wild and spicy tones, but there is still a firm core of red fruit that is not willing to unfold without significant air. The overall balance is lovely, with bracing acids and solid framing tannins. This has at least 10 years of positive development. Drink now with lots of air, or hold for a while.

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Thanks, David. Have you tried 13 or 15 yet? Been debating grabbing some.

Nope. Haven’t even seen them anywhere I shop.

Maybe it’s a problem with CT. neener

I think so. I read this comment all the time on wines I feel are nowhere near peak. I just have to scratch my head.

I’ve had the '15 and it’s very good, great balance and NOT over ripe. The VV is off the charts good. Even the VDP is a nice drink.

It’s really amusing. People say a 12-year old Bordeaux has peaked and it’s time to drink up. Then you read the notes on the same Chateau from 20-30 years earlier and they’re great. These people are guaranteeing that they drink their wines at the worst possible times.

I’m sure there are some 2010 St. Josephs that have peaked, but they’re probably not the ones we discuss on WB.

Has anyone had a 2008 Tradition recently? I’m worried they may be passed it or never good!


Just like recently I read that someone commented 2009 Henri Gouges Clos des Porrets have peaked, I actually think that wine is not ready for another 10 years.

2008 was not a fun vintage. Even the Gonon was difficult.

One of the retailers I deal with has the VV but call it something different than what I have seen before:

2015 Domaine Faury - Saint-Joseph Cuvee la Gloriette V.V.

Is this a new cuvee or the same old VV?


No way is the 2008 Faury Tradition passed its prime if stored properly, and I expect that it is good. There are many good wines from the 2008 vintage so long as one is not looking or concentration and power. Check out Charlie’s recent post regarding the 2008 Clape Cornas, which as been drinking beautifully for a few years. Levet’s 2008s are good, too.

I sell Faury, Clape and Levet.

As a German Riesling fanatic, I find 2008 in St. Joseph to be too acidic.

I love 2008 Cornas. Plenty of fruit, only tannins stopping it being truly enjoyable ATM.

Nobody has actually tried the 2008 Faury recently?

I stupidly opened a 2010 Faury VV last year. Just a wall of structure. Put far away and don’t touch for a decade.

I also bought some of these from MacArthur and they say this is a different cuvée (Europe only) than the Kermit selection but don’t seem to know much more than that.