TN: 2010 Domaine Arlaud Bourgogne Roncevie (France, Burgundy, Bourgogne)

I have really enjoyed this wine each time I’ve opened a bottle over the course of the past two years. This one was the best showing of the 3 or 4 I’ve opened thus far and may be the best bourgogne that I have opened. Roncevie is just east of the road in Gevry Chambertin below Champs Chenys and Vignes Belles with the Gevry GCs up slope from CC and VB.

I hope I have scrubbed every word the community does not like from my note, was fun to read that thread just as I was trying to figure out how to share my first TN from CT on WB.

  • 2010 Domaine Arlaud Bourgogne Roncevie - France, Burgundy, Bourgogne (4/6/2015)
    Very open and showing well. Translucent ruby color. Great perfume. pure fruit attack with good structure carrying the wine through the very long finish. An excellent bottle of wine. This was opened and poured with no decant. With previous bottles I have had of this wine it does not show as well on day 2 and in this case again after a night in the refrigerator the wine was left with the bones of the structure but the wonderful perfume was absent.

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Be sure to lay some of these down. They age well. I think these '10’s will improve and develop beautifully for 10-15 yrs of bottle time.

To be clear, Roncevie is east of the road in a low spot surrounded by AOC Gevrey vineyards. It’s Bourgogne for a reason, though it’s a lovely little wine. I remember this being sold years back as “just a 9 iron from Griottes” but that’s a long 9 iron and perhaps the similar difference between a beachfront home and a shack up the street next to the neighborhood dumpster. Proximity isn’t everything. That said, this is usually nice wine and yes it can age a bit. The '96 some years back was stunning.

I’ve enjoyed this wine in past vintages. Reasonably priced for a Burgundy.

right, east not west. damn coffee had not kicked in yet. I have edited the post to correct that mistake. I was only trying to provide a little color for the reader as to the location. I don’t know about golf and did not know I was stepping into something when I attempted to describe the vineyard’s location; and by no means was I trying to suggest that it was anything but a bourgogne which is why the word appears 6 times in my post.

Sorry, I reread what I wrote and didn’t mean to come off as a know it all. This vineyard is sometimes misrepresented by others, almost famously, and I meant to reference that, not suggest that you were misrepresenting anything (other than posting before coffee). Sorry about that.