TN: 2010 Diamond Creek VH, 2007 Clos des Papes CDP

Had these two yesterday at lunch at Angele in Napa with Carlos Duarte.

2010 Diamond Creek “Volcanic Hill” Napa Valley
Starting around 2001 DC upped their ripeness at harvest a bit from the old 12.5% level. Starting in 2007 they upped it again to 14.5%. I can appreciate this style in the midway point. Red cherry and currants with a slight vegetative (but not green) edge in the nose. A bit tight, with great color density right to the rim. Masculine structure with a solid tannic core. A really nice food wine (went well with bone marrow on toast) and carries a nice “oily” texture. Quite solid now, I think this is five more years away from early maturity and it should easily go another decade.

2007 Clos des Papes, CDP
Never disappoints. Very ripe (15.2% on the label and feels riper than that), it has no heat whatsoever and actually goes down the gullet with great ease. Spicy red fruit aromas. Sexy and flamboyant, I guess this could age several more years, but with fruit like this, why wait much longer? A very pleasurable wine.

Wow! The combination of wines with bone marrow sounds hedonistic in the best way!

Thanks for sharing your experience, Roy!

I thought the Clos des Papes was fabulous. Was just so balanced crisp and YUMMY with the marrow, just should have ordered more marrow!!!

The '07 Clos des Papes is stunning. Thank you for the update.

Oops, posted “never fails to disappoint.”

Meant to say “never disappoints.” FIXED