TN: 2010 Copain Hawk's Butte Syrah

I opened this tonight on a typical PNW fall day - one of those days that you feel like there’s going to be half an inch of rain for the next six months and it stays about 55 from “sunup” to “sundown”.

2010 Copain Hawk’s Butte Syrah
13.3% abv. Dark garnet, clear, some slight fading at the rim. This smells like homemade raspberry liqueur - it’s got the acidic edge of underripe raspberries, then typical Syrah aromas of sea air, iodine, pine trees, bitter cocoa, and sweat. The palate is resolved and a bit glassy textured. A fair amount of acid in the midpalate and primarily dark raspberry fruit. Fades rather quickly, I’d drink these if you’ve got em.