TN: 2010 Bedrock Wine Co. Zinfandel Old Vine

Great post Larry. And thanks for your insight Morgan.

And, as I’ve said many times here (and on the “old” board during those rare times that His Squirrelship allowed me to actually post) thanks are due to Bob Trinchero who - unwittlingly - saved hundreds if not thousands of acres of old-vine zinfandel from being either plowed under and replanted or grafted over to something more “appealing”, like merlot or chardonnay.

Thanks, Bob. I still remember vividly the night when you and I polished off the dregs of the moscato that were left over after a tasting that included your Deaver Ranch zin and Mike Grgich’s wines - along with Mike himself.

I felt like it was “beat up on T.” day for suggesting that I’d rather pay $22.50 than $40.

There are many good Zinfandels to be found for under $40. That makes it a bit difficult to cross that $40 threshold.
I appreciate the complexity found in a well crafted Zinfandel from old vines and begrudge no winemaker or vineyard owner their desire to earn a decent profit.
There are many tasty Zins that come in at the $30 mark and lower. Yes, Morgan’s Bedrock wines and Mike Officer’s Carlisle wines are some of them. There are others - coming from Mendocino or even - gasp - the Sierra Foothills. I think it is neither disrespectful nor dismissive of those promoting/cultivating/farming/and making wine from old vine vineyards when I suggest that I’d rather pay less than more.
In my view, it is the rare Zin that improves beyond 6 years of age. Yes, they exist; I think it rare. That is another impediment to higher prices.
Of course, let’s not take for granted image - which, is strongly coupled with demand - and factor that into the price - ultimately leading to what I see as a personal benefit as a consumer. Finding complex and interesting wines that taste good and below the $30 mark can be found with Zinfandel.
Personally, I’d rather not see the average price for Old Vine Zin go over $40.

I’d rather pay $22.50 than $40 for Cabernet too.

T. - I did not mean my post to be an attack on you, just took an opportunity to raise the issue of the price pressure that exists on old vineyards, and how Zin’s perception as a bargain variety is working against itself.

I’d also rather pay $22.50 than $40 for a great SVD old-vine Zin. But I’d also rather pay $40 for a great SVD old-vine zin than $40 for yet another young-vine RRV Pinot. Framing the argument in those terms is something worth thinking about, because that’s what’s really at stake.

just to get back on topic…

  • 2010 Bedrock Wine Co. Zinfandel Old Vine - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Valley (12/9/2011)
    Consumed over 2 nights. No detailed notes taken but full-bodied, very dense cherry/raspberry palate without being cloying or sweet. Some orange oil on the mid-palate transition to plums and dark chocolate. Spicy finish. This is just a baby but it’s open for business and should give a lot of enjoyment over the next 3-5 years.

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I am drinking this now. Blind, I would peg it as Norton. And I think that is totally awesome.


Norton? Do you mean the grape? Or the producer in Argentina?

Norton, the Grape. The Bedrock is wildly primitive, almost feral. I do mean that in temperament (a good way), not a flawed wine way.


The sewer worker?

Can anyone elaborate on the Radio Coteau Von Weidlich Vineyard Zinfandel. Specifically, I am wondering with what vintage did Radio Coteau begin making this wine again? 2011?


I would hold off on the Dehlinger or pop the bottle and drink it the next day. i opened one last night with a friend and the tannins were s drying it upset my stomach and my stomach is accustomed to a fair amount of wine. I had the rest of the bottle tonight and it had settled down and drank much better. If opening this wine soon give to air and eat with food, this is not a cocktail wine. Its very good enjoy.

I believe that 2007 (which along with the Carlisle Montafi might be the bet Zin I have had in the last five years) was the last vintage before resuming in 2011.