TN: 2010 Alain Hudelot-Noellat Romanée St. Vivant

  • 2010 Alain Hudelot-Noellat Romanée St. Vivant - France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Romanée St. Vivant Grand Cru (1/18/2015)
    My long-overdue Burgundy epiphany, and the best young wine I’ve ever had. Almost transparent ruby color. Stunning, smell-across-the-room floral nose–like snorting crushed rose petals. Remarkably pure, focused cranberry fruit that is plenty ripe but not at all sweet–I don’t think anywhere else in the world can produce that combination. Complementary aromas of ground pepper, cinnamon, and (with air) celery (perhaps from some stem inclusion?). The palate isn’t quite as singular as the nose, but is still plenty impressive: balanced, light as a feather, invigorating acidity, nice powdery mouthfeel, and tremendous length. I can’t imagine how good this will be with some cellar time to pick up texture. How can a wine this feminine in style attain this degree of intensity? Magic in a glass. (94 pts.)

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Great wine starting to shed the reduction noted in the past. Wonderful note. Thanks.

Great Wine and Note Thanks!

I didn’t pick up any reduction, though this was decanted for ~45 min before serving.

Nice note, thanks. Out of curiousity, where is the best place to buy something like this? Checked on WS, but wanted any anecdotal recommendations…


I ordered at a restaurant.

[quote=“Dan Rosenheck” How can a wine this feminine in style attain this degree of intensity? [/quote]

The beauty of RSV.

Thanks for the note Dan.

Best Regards

Another great wine off a restaurant list. Pleased I have this in the cellar and hope I can hold off for a decade or two… Have a good number of HN RSV from other vintages but expect the 2010 to be one of the best. Elegance and intensity is the beauty of RSV and more so with its grander sister - Romanee Conti.

It’s chilly down there in hell.

Hehe, don’t get your hopes up, David. One amazing Burgundy doesn’t make me a convert. If it takes a $500 wine for me to like a region, I’m better off sticking to Tuscany. Even that DRC Richebourg didn’t blow me away. But I’m happy to spring for a bottle similar to this one anytime you want. :slight_smile:

This is how it begins. Next thing you know you’ll be begging producers for dregs at the La Paulee Grand Tasting.

Thanks for the note, have a 6-pack somewhere.

The 2011 and the 2012 Hudelot Noellat RSV are both great too!

Congratulations! Thanks for letting us know.

It’s the only HN RSV I have ever bought after reading glorious reviews from Kelvin Shin and Alan Rath. Too young and expensive to open one to try, can only read notes.

Running around $550 btl. Perfect for all of you ballas.

I. Told. You. So.

I’m not bringing another bottle of that on Saturday, Dan. Just Bourgogne for you. :slight_smile:

You know Brady looking at your WOTY list,for a piker you drink pretty well !

I do all right. :slight_smile: Too little RSV, though!

There are many generous wine lovers in London. I do my best to keep up, but I only provided two of the five on that list (1993 Engel and 2010 Carlisle). Happily I had both twice.

I photograph many of the bottles I enjoy, instead of taking notes. These photos then stream to my TV, and I am ashamed to admit that, “I don’t remember drinking that wine!” is exclaimed upon occasion. Maybe taking notes should be a belated New Year’s resolution.